Ocular Tumors are tumors inside the eye. They are collections of cells that grow and multiply abnormally and form masses, which can be benign or malignant. In adults, the most common type is metastatic, from another part of the body (lung, breast, prostate, etc). Another common type of Ocular Tumor is Malignant Melanoma. They can start as a small “mole” or “birthmark” in the eye called Choroidal Nevus. These are usually found during routine eye exams and should be closely monitored for growth by your Ophthalmologist.
Symptoms of ocular tumors may include:

  • flashes of light
  • distortion
  • loss of vision
  • floating objects (floaters) in the vision

Radiation and chemotherapy are two common types of treatment for ocular tumors. Radiation can be in the form of proton beam radiation or placement of radiation plaque on the eye. Both can be very effective in eliminating a malignant Ocular Tumor.